Sunday, January 13, 2013

LATE is NEVER a choice


hi! what's new?
a few days ago, i was late for my 2nd paper
which is at 8.30 in the morning!
i really bad at wake up early in the morning
i just can't help it.
so... i and my two other friends was late for about 10 minutes!
oh...its such a terrifying moment!
other kids have wrote their essays almost a page
and ready to move on to the next page!
ughh!!! i can help it but trembled when i hold my pen!
suddenly i forgot almost everything that i read!
i read the questions... oh my~
how come i didn't get it at all?
what's this! what did the questions about???!!!!
did my brain stop working or what!!!
impact of the lateness...  no good at all!

excuse my grammar okay...
so the next thing that i do is called my lecturer..
i have to ask her...
i really need her to calm me...
so, after a brief explanation, i start to get the ideas~
Thank God... but i need almost 30 minutes to calm myself~

somehow... my biggest concern is my final paper which is on 17th Jan
is again at 8.30 in the morning!!!! help me please!!!!

p/s: the gaps between exam feel like a holiday!
ohhh... wish me luck okay.. pray for me supaya jadi sangat RAJIN STUDY. hehehe...