Thursday, December 13, 2012

i'm getting worse!


I come back again. Well u know my English is getting worse. My grammar also is so bad~
Hahaha… it wasn't sooooo good!

Last Wednesday I have a group presentation for S&T. There are 3 members in a group and  I'm a first speaker. My part was suck. Yeah… because I'm not doing it so well. I became a loser. Boooo. I can't even look at my audience which is my classmates as I speak. Oh yeah. Two times loser… before the presentation I have made a short notes about my parts. Well its not going smoothly. Because I can't even get a grips to hold my notes! I trembled!!! . Oh…no, it’s a shameful moment. And one more thing, I suppose to present it in English. Somehow I choose to speak in Malay. Well it is not wrong to present in Malay, but most of my juniors are doing their presentations in English which is good! I know…  that's really really sucks!
Why you juniors are so damn good in English! And I'm here getting worse. To make it worsen… I just doing my part as fast as possible. My friends said my voice came out slow and not loud enough to make people listen to me. Shameful! When I'm the audience I'm laughing so hard. Duhh…
Oh…FYI, S&T class is an elective class which means it's not my core subject. So that's why I've been mix up with juniors and seniors… yeah… there's a course that takes four years to end (I mean for senior things).

I better be invisible. Please… make me a member of fantastic four. I want that superpower of being invisible! Anyways… practice makes perfect! Hey… anyone out there. Is there anyone of you who want to teach me how to speak in English well?

Ohhhh… well, today I have thesis class. I've got new knowledge. My lecturer said we students should just write anything that come in mind. Anything! Whether it is rubbish or not, just write… that is the way how to force yourself to get a good ideas. In that rubbish typo, maybe there's a really good one. Hahaha! I love her suggestion! That looks like its gonna be fun.

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