Friday, October 12, 2012

A Leopard Can't Change His Spots


well guys... it has been months since i update my blog
i just can't make it...hihihi
there's a lot of things that happened.
homeworks, revision, pack schedule, thesis, supervisors for thesis,
data hunting and bla bla bla...
i'm getting insane here!!!

there's a dark side of becoming senior.
yeah...maybe you are getting close to graduate.
but... you've got to do everything on your own.
expected the unexpected

A leopard can't change his spots- means you cannot change who you are.
a behavior can't be change for just one night people.
so you can't expect someone to change so fast.

a lot of unexpected things happened~
and guess what?
i don't like it.
somehow as the words goes...
once you choose your way, just take all the risk and go die with it.

i don't really know people...
somehow... i do really believe that
thinking in a positive way does matter
because the good things will come later.
just have a faith to Allah.