Friday, February 10, 2012

Where is your confident?


do you know Maria Elena???
i bet most of the bloggers know her...
She's awesome right?
She's awesome because she always said that?
That's means she has a high confident level
And i envy her for that~ (my confident level is low)
It's cool to be confident and has a smart mind.
(betul ke grammar aku nih??? takpe...belajar... hehehe)

Actually i used to be confident.
But... that was a long ago, when i'm in primary school
Maybe because I think that I was the best.
I think I've changed in high school
On that time I have to stayed at the hostel
A few weeks at the hostel, there's some seniors told me off!
They were scary as they were in a group.
BOooo... Somehow i didn't show them that i was scared.
(buat muka tak reti je walaupun dalam hati dah teresak-esak)
They annoyed me... And for that, i didn't respect some of them until now.

this kind of arrogant in their faces is

I'm not intending to hold a grudge
But i just can't respect them... not after what they did.
As the seniors, they should advice me in a good way.
I'm new and I'm just thirteen on that time.
There was a lot that i didn't know as i tried to adapt with my new life.
Luckily i have my dear friends that help me a lot.
They were not that scary if you have a lot of friends.

just an example

I have stayed at the hostel for five years in high school.
Guess what? I've learned a lot!
And from what I've experienced, you better take care of yourself.
Besides, make a lot of good friends. They will be part of you, just like a family.
When i became a senior, I really didn't want to scared my juniors.
However some of them were scared at me.( i know that because my warden had told me)
When you are good to your juniors, you will knows a lot.
yeah! i know a lot of secret. Sometimes they will help you too!

And~ for now! The seniors in my university is so great.
They were nice and help the juniors a lot!
It's really different from the high school huh?
Maybe they are mature enough.
By the way, to my dear seniors...
Thanks for giving us the notes... hehehe

p/s: lets build our confident level now and express ourselves!

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